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  • 21% Drama
  • 12% Crime
  • 10% Adventure
  • 8% Science-Fiction
  • 8% Fantasy
  • 8% Thriller
  • 31% Others
Splitfoot's Reviews
Watch Star Trek: Discovery Online Season 1 Episode 10
It's a "review" column. People are going to talk about what happened in the show. If you don't want spoilers watch the show BEFORE reading the reviews.
7 days ago
Watch Knightfall Online Season 1 Episode 1
Oh no, he took an arrow to the knee. Gotta be historically correct right? It's on the History Channel ...Yeah, one episode was quite enough of that nonsense.
a month ago
Watch Marvel's The Punisher Online Season 1 Episode 3
He's 5'11" and Frank Castle is supposed to be 6'. He's too short by a total of 1". The show was a definite return to form after the lazy Iron Fist and rather disappointing Defenders.
2 months ago
Watch Marvel's Inhumans Online Season 1 Episode 1
Oh dear, this is bad. Although I don't suppose you can really blame the cast for not bothering when given a script that stinks so badly. another marvel misfire
4 months ago
Watch The Orville Online Season 1 Episode 4
You do know it's a comedy show right? The jokes are supposed to be there.
4 months ago
Watch Gotham Online Season 4 Episode 2
The episode needs to actually air on network before anyone can copy it and post it on here.
4 months ago
Watch Star Trek: Discovery Online
Not sure why they've set it in the prime time line but made it look completely as if it's in the Kelvin time line . Would have made more sense to have it in the new movie universe.
4 months ago
Watch The Orville Online Season 1 Episode 3
Episode 3 just served up a big reminder to Star Trek of the sort of thing it used to do well, tackle difficult social issues straight on. Gender identity, social acceptance, parameters of consent to name a few. Not preachy and often humorous because using words to lighten a subject doesn't mean you take that subject lightly. Seth MacFarlane is dangerously close to stealing the crown from the stumbling Trek franchise here.
4 months ago
Watch Marvel's The Defenders Online Season 1 Episode 8
Totally agree with RR, they definitely miscast the role of Danny. It doesn't work at all .
4 months ago
Watch The Orville Online
Only one episode in and already a far better show than the dull & lazy 'Star trek: Enterprise' ever was.
4 months ago
Watch Killjoys Online Season 3 Episode 5
I'm busy laughing my ass off today at posters calling for rules & regulations to be applied and enforced on a site that gives you access to illegally uploaded shows...yeah, that makes sense.
6 months ago
Watch American Gods Online Season 1 Episode 2
Peter Stormare, Cloris Leachman & Gillian Anderson in episode 2. So far they haven't put a foot wrong in the casting.
8 months ago
Watch American Gods Online
As it's one of my favourite books I've nervously been awaiting this hoping with all my heart that they wouldn't screw it up. I'm pleased to say that they've nailed it perfectly. From the casting to the visuals they've perfectly captured the mood and pace, if the keep to this standard for they full run of the adaption I'll be a very happy man indeed. Perfect.
9 months ago
Watch Legion Online
If you like your shows to be the formulaic ABC-123 everything laid out for you cop shows you'll hate it. Smart, innovative, creative and true to the source material. Non-thinkers need not apply.
10 months ago
Watch Elementary Online
To be honest I was just about to give up on this season. The stories had become tired and predictable and the undercover gang member plot is just uninteresting. Sherlock seems to have become a minor character in his own show and Jonny Lee Miller looks fed-up with the whole thing. Then right at the end of this episode they manage to inject some of the intrigue of past seasons to make it (hopefully) worth sticking with...maybe there's life in it yet.
10 months ago
Watch Time After Time (2017) Online
Just watch the (far superior) original movie and be done with it. A hammy rehash that will hopefully die a quick death.
10 months ago
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